Thursday, February 15, 2018

Week 3 Part 1

I have experienced difficulty communicating with businesses in multiple settings. Sometimes I struggle when attempting more underground businesses as they don’t update their information as often as big businesses.  But I have Just as easily have had trouble with big businesses as they don’t make their websites as user friendly as needed. The most common time I have had trouble communicating with a business is when they do not make their websites smartphone friendly.
Social media doesn’t make it easier to get noticed really considering that there are so many people. It does help when dealing with newer, smaller businesses. Personally, I am not big into social media so I have not had any positive experience communicating with a business through social media but I do know people who have.
If it was my own business I would disregard negative comments and attempt to give feedback to questions or positive comments. Although, It is hard to treat everyone equally considering the quantity of people on social media.

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